Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream by Glow Recipe, $60 at MECCA (launching January 29) Glow Recipe fans rejoice; Banana Soufflé is coming to Australia. They’ve rallied the skin soothing dream team: potassium-rich banana, barrier-repairing jojoba seed oil and irritation-calming turmeric. Don’t be fooled by the lush light-as-air texture either; this stuff came to hydrate.

F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial™ by Drunk Elephant, $80 at MECCA (launched January 2020) A hydrating mask may not sound like anything mind-blowing, but trust us, Drunk Elephant just changed the game. Loaded with fatty acids, electrolytes and squalene (the almighty hydrator) one hit will have your face feeling like it just downed seven glasses of water and a Powerade.

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The Serum Stick by Tatcha, $73 at MECCA (launched January 2020) If you’ve ever experienced the devastation of a serum spill, you’ll no doubt be overjoyed by Tatcha’s new serum-formula-in-stick-form drop. Squalene gets top billing (it makes up for a whopping eighty per cent of the mix), but it’s the Japanese Lemon Balm really doing the Lord’s work (AKA combatting crepiness).

Full-Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara by Fenty Beauty, $39 at Sephora (launching January 16) Rihanna continues to exceed expectations with the release of a do-it-all mascara that volumises, lifts, curls and lengthens in a streamline swipe. The fat side gets lashes lifted and loaded, before the flat side seals the deal with definition and curl.

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Diamond Light Highlighter Chinese New Year Limited Edition by Too Faced, $52 at MECCA (launched January 2020) Not known for their subtlety, Too Faced have launched a light-reflecting highlighter inspired by the sparkle of diamonds (and infused with actual crushed diamond powder). It’s also housed in limited edition Chinese New Year packaging to triumphantly usher in The Year of the Rat.

Limited Edition Golden Double Serum, $142 by Clarins Clarins’ beloved Double Serum is dressed up in gold to celebrate Lunar New Year (and to reflect the golden ratio of its formula’s oil and water balance). Use it on your face now, display it on your nightstand forever.

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