Komatsu has introduced a new motor grader with improvements that are centered around improving operator comfort.

The new cab of this machine is “hexangular,” Komatsu says, with a rear side pillar layout and blade linkage positioning that together provide an “unobstructed view of the moldboard and front tires.”

The cab also features a smaller, “right-sized” steering wheel that provides a bit more visibility and room in the cab.

Komatsu has placed a new steering lever in this machine that allows operators to forego the steering wheel and keep their hands on the low-effort, work equipment levers while making small steering adjustments.

The cab also features multi-position, adjustable arm rests; a new high-capacity, air-suspension seat and an operator presence monitoring system which alerts the operator when they leave the seat with the controls not locked out properly.

The new GD655-7 is powered by a Tier 4 Final Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 engine, providing 218 horsepower. The machine also features a two-mode, three-stage variable horsepower control (VHPC), which allows the operator to select between economy and power modes in order to save fuel when needed.

The GD655-7 also features a new transmission shift lever with a forward-neutral-reverse (FNR) switch. The dual-mode transmission (eight forward, four reverse) is designed specifically for graders and provides on-the-go, full-power shifting as well as inching capacity and automatic shifting in the higher ranges, Komatsu says.

Below is a quick rundown of the rest of this machine’s features. You can read the full brochure on the GD655-7 by clicking here.

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