One of my favorite parts of any off-road show is wandering the lanes of vendor tents in search of the latest and greatest releases in the industry. Off Road Nights was no different, with a ton of vendor displays offering a wide array of gadgets and gizmos here are my top picks from the show.

Offering a wide assortment, Dirty Life’s Dual-Tek series is featured on the bottom row of their display stands.

Wheels are always a staple for any off-road show and this year’s ORN was no different. Despite several vendors on hand, Dirty Life stood out with a great assortment of styles and a new feature that caught my attention. Dirty Life’s new Dual-TeK line is a DOT beadlock wheel. It offers separate seats for street and full beadlock functionality. Priced aggressively at an MSRP of $377, the Dirty Life DT series may be the answer to your next wheel need for on and off-road use.

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This suspension kit from Fifty6 Industries includes all the extras and can be shipped fully assembled and ready to bolt on.

This complete solution currently offered for the Can Am Maverick x3 is a true bolt-on application. The race-ready kit includes boxed arms, rear links and all the hardware needed to get your X3 Baja-ready. With painted and fully assembled Maverick kits available, there was talk of a similar kit for the RZR in the late design phase as well.

The UTV featured suspension with full 4130 chromoly construction, FK spherical bearings, delrin bushings, 304 stainless studs and spacers, and rear sway bar links with FK rod ends.

One of the key features on these Locked Offroad bump stops is the easy adjustment, taking less than 30 seconds (in most cases) with the supplied wrench.

With an assortment of parts already available, I took a chance to talk to owner Riley Lock of Locked Off-Road about their newest product development – threaded bump stops. Crafted from 4130 chromoly, these two-inch and 2.5-inch stops have a specially designed threaded can that gives full adjustability with no worries of can distortion during welding. Locked Off-Road offers direct-fit solutions for Jeeps, and there is also a bolt-in kit for Tacomas available. There are even more kits in the works.

The “pinchless” design of these cups ensures that all the load forces are evenly distributed across the entire body of the stop. This reduces the chances of failure.

Paired up with the Lockstrap, these carabiners provide a extra level of security to whatever you’re tying down. Sold separately, they also provide a great way to secure helmets and other gear in open vehicles.

This isn’t an off-road-specific tech, but as a truck and a bike owner it is one I can get behind. Offering secure tiedowns in lengths from 2.5 to 24 feet, Lockstraps feature a combination lock carabiner and a steel cable that runs the length of the strap. While no security is theft proof, these straps give a little extra peace of mind for hauled items left out in the open.

One great thing about shopping at shows is there is never a shortage of demos. I was quick to try out the cut resistance of these Lockstraps, which held up to the bolt cutters with ease.

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